How Much Afford

If you are looking for homes for sale in Oakleaf Plantation or anywhere for that matter, it is helpful to know how much you can afford. My Rent vs. Buy calculator will help you

determine in your specific situation if it is better to rent or buy at this time. Simply complete the fields below and click “Calculate”. At the bottom of the page you will receive a brief summary.

If the calculator tell you it is better to buy, keep in mind when you decide to buy you are building long time equity and personal wealth along the way.

Once you decide you would like to buy a new home and you need help finding the best loan program I encourage you to give me a call or send me an email. I can put you in touch with LOCAL lenders that will wok hard for you and actually give you a local point of contact. You will not have to worry about calling into a 1-800 number and talking to someone different every time you call in. If I recommend them I know their work ethic and would use them myself to obtain financing and you to can trust their opinions and attention to detail.

Rent vs. Buy Calculator

Use this calculator to find out if it is cheaper for you to rent or buy within a certain timeframe. These calculations do not include any appreciation in value the property might experience.