Selling Your Own Home

Tips on Selling Your Home Yourself

Set your price

  • Research on the Internet
  • Look at what “comparable” homes for sale in your area “sold” for
  • View the homes that are currently for sale so you can compare their price

Make Sure your Home is in great “showing condition”

  • Consult a professional home stager or a friend that you will not be offended by


  • Display a FOR SALE sign in your yard.
  • Create a FULL COLOR fact sheet including multiple photos and necessary info Make several hundred COLOR copies to display at yourWORK, in local SUPERMARKETS and other High Visibility Locations.
  • Run daily and Sunday Ads in the local papers,
  • Deliver fact sheets to your local real estate offices and let them know if you co-op.
  • Create a Website for your home and list the address on all advertising materials

Return all calls to Interested Buyers Promptly

  • Make appointments to see them as quickly as possible. If they are looking at your house, they are also looking at others. Be available, days, nights and weekends to show your house. Constantly monitor your market and be ready to adjust to the trends. For your own safety and security, try to pre-qualify buyers before you invite them into your home. Ask questions over the phone, including:
  • How will they pay for the home?
  • Can they get a mortgage?
  • Are they pre-qualified for a mortgage?
  • Do they need to sell their home before they can buy?
  • Is the buyer of their home a qualified buyer?

Find a Lawyer to draft Contracts and Closing Documents/strong>